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Founded 5th March 2018, Green Dice Investments PTY LTD aims to take strategic investment to a next level. Have you ever bet on a horse race and lost money? If the answer is yes, then we are your solution. No, we are not a betting or horse company, rather we encourage you to make investments instead of simply betting.

Why Us

Do you know why people lose a lot of money in betting? Because they simply want to ride their luck. On the contrary, strategic investors can make fortune out of virtually nothing. Which course one should take? The second one, of course! Green Dice Investment features one of the best analysts of the country, Beau Langelaar, who has nothing short of 20 years of experience in this field.

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How it works

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Rules to investing

In very simeple terms, an investment is where you use the money you already have, to make more money.

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Recent Results

Please note that these figures vary depend on which agency and the odds they have to offer. Figures should be taken over a 12 month period to get a true result.

February 2019 Results

The intense weather continued to make analysis difficult in early February, but we soon get back on track to recover and finish the month with a very tidy profit of…

January 2019 Results

After a strong start we had a disappointing month-end result in January. Because of the heatwave, tracks were being watered which changes the conditions. At times, this made our analysis…

December 2018 Results

An amazing finish to a truly remarkable year.  A couple of slow months after Winter pale into insignificance now after seeing our record-breaking results in the last couple of months.…