Our analyst has been into the horses for over 20 years.

His interest was sparked by his love for the Animal, and keenly watching them race since he was nine. He learned to read the form at early age, and as a young man at pubs where he astounded his friends with his seemingly amazing “luck”.

At the age of 35 he wondered what could be done if it were taken seriously. Would it be successful? He was pretty consistently picking winners on his local turf but what about further afield? So he bought an around the world ticket, travelling alone, honing his craft to see if could make a living from the horses while seeing the world. And we now know the answer is YES!

Now, we want to help other people achieve the same kind of financial freedom and benefit from what I’ve learned.

This world can be cruel – for people who need money and prepared to follow the system, you don’t need to be a genius, or highly trained, just take my tips and earn some extra cash.

We just want to see people on top and have a good time along the way, Beau Langelaar

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