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August 2018 results

Wow, what a month! August was a great month for Green Dice members.

In August we brought you 28 winning tips, out of a total of 33, for a strike rate of 85%. If you’re putting $100 on each tip, you made an average profit of $724 for the month. And for those of you doing $150’s per tip, you made a very nice $1086 tax-free return. Not bad for a few minutes of your time every day! And of course as your float grows, you can increase your stake even more. I’m sure you can do the math, but if you are doing $500’s, you just made $3620 for the month. How good is that?

How did you do this month? Let us know.

This month we also had a very exciting winning streak of 16 consecutive wins in a row! We’ve hit 16 a few times before, 19 twice, and our current record is still 21. But we’re always striving to beat the record!

Number of tips 33
Winning tips 28
Strike rate 85%
Average profit 724% of stake