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How it works

How it Works

Once you have set up your account and paid your membership fee you’ll get access to our investing page.

This page shows the tips for upcoming races. We recommend placing your investment ASAP after markets open to get the best possible odds.

Some weeks we publish tips for more races than other weeks. It depends on a number of factors like the weather, track surface, etc. So the number of investments you make will also vary each week.


In very simple terms, an investment is where you use the money you already have, to make more money. There are so many different types and forms of investment possible: property, stock markets, currency trading, Bitcoin, or even an interest bearing savings account. What we offer here is an investment strategy with an unbelievably high return on investment. We don’t gamble or punt for fun, this is a serious investment.

It’s really easy for anyone to get started though. You don’t need thousands of dollars or spend hours of time every day. In fact, some of our members started with just a few hundred bucks and built it up to $7000 after following our tips for just one year.

Proven results

Our investment strategy has a consistent and proven track record for annual profits. To give you an example, if you’d started with $2500 and put this money in high interest bank account, right now the best you could hope for in Australia is around 3% per annum. That would make you $72 for the year. On the other hand over the past three years, we’ve consistently made $5k on the same amount of money over the same time (investing $150 per race with an initial $2500 float).  And of course, investing higher amounts translates into higher profits.  And in 2018, we had a record-breaking $8k profit (see annual results).

Expert analysis

This isn’t based on luck, it’s based on expert analysis and experience.
There may be other types of investments that may at times match this type of return, but they are typically volatile, risky, and inconsistent. We on the other hand see consistent results born out of tireless analysis, research, and decades of experience.

It’s your money

It’s important to note here that we don’t take or have access to your capital at any stage. You use your own account with one of the agencies we recommend. It’s your account, your money, we just give you tips on which investments to make each day.

14 day FREE Trial

We believe so strongly in the results we get that we offer a 14 day FREE Trial. This will allow you to get familiar with the in’s and out’s of the process, get used to making daily investments and hopefully enjoy some extra cash at the end of the month.

Dealing with losses

Yes, we do have losses. We just have a lot more wins 🙂

It is really important to be prepared for dealing with losses. At times you can get used to the feeling of winning every day and it can come as a shock to lose money. Especially if there are few losses close to each other. This is why the float system is so important. It will carry you out of any troughs.

It is also really important to remember that no matter how bad any one day, week, or even month may be, every year we make a lot of money.

Getting started

After your introductory phone call and your membership is approved, you open an account with an agency we recommend to you. You need to get fully verified. This means you need to provide enough ID to them so they know who you are. Once you are fully verified, you will be able to withdraw winnings from the agency back into your nominated bank account.

Then, just follow our tips! Keep an eye on your emails for new tips and updates, and head over to the website to see new tips and check how we’ve doing recently.

The float

Using a float is really important. Probably the most important thing. A float represents your overall investment and affects the amount you would invest individually on each tip.

How much to invest on each tip?

For example, a $1300 float is our recommended minimum starting point.  At this level you invest $100 per tip but once you’ve built your float up to $2500, you step up to $150 per tip, and so on. Our recommended float to tip amounts also vary depending on which agency you use to place bets.  Once you’re approved as a member, you’ll gain access to our members area with float-tip tables for each.

Place vs. win odds

We only invest in “place” markets. That gives us 3x chances to profit in each race. Yes, it is a lower profit than win odds but experience has shown us than from a pure investment perspective, taking place odds pays off higher in the long term. And Green Dice Investments is all about profit.

Number of investments per week

Most days there are only one or two tips, and sometimes none at all. In any given week, we’ll invest in a maximum of 10 races. Again, experience has shown us there’s more profit to be made long term from consistently winning 1 or 2 every day.  Some days there won’t be any investment.  Unless we are sure, the tip doesn’t go up.  Our analyst works hard to ensure each and every tip is a worthy Green Dice Investment. Minimum risk, maximum results.

For example, if on a particular day our analyst likes two horses in the same race, neither will go up.  We need to be sure.  However, if one of those is later scratched, the other may then go up.

Got questions? Want to know more?

If you have questions about absolutely anything just get in touch with one the friendly Green Dice Investments team members.