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July 2018 Results

A disappointing 2nd month with record low strike rate (66%) and our first ever recorded loss of $155 (based on investments of $100 per bet).

This month we made 41 investments of which 27 earned profit, and 14 lost.  Based on our recommended [beginners’ strategy] of a $1000 float placing $100 per bet, this is equivalent to an initial investment of $1000 losing $155 over the month. 

Opening balance: $1000
Closing balance: $845
Overall loss: -$155

There will always be good days and bad days, good months and bad months. What’s important to remember with this type of investment is to look at a full year and see how your money is tracking. The $155 this month is more than covered by previous months (and of course the months to come).

So get ready for an exciting August – celebrating horses birthday.