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October 2018 Results

A very difficult and frustrating month for GreenDice and our members.  Factors always come in to play beyond our control and and times we just get unlucky.  This was on of those month.  Although the analysis is sound, horses and jockey’s can do strange things on the day and we’ve seen an unusually large number of these type of events all happening in the same month.

But the story doesn’t end here – just like last month, no matter how bad things can look on any one day, one week, or even month, we know our system works and year-on-year we always deliver consistent returns (* ref).

In October, we brought you 31/48 winning tips for a strike rate of 65%. If you’re putting $100 on each and every tip, and got market opening prices you’d have made a loss of $127 for the month.  We never like to report a loss but there it is, a loss of just over 1 investment.  If this is our worst month for the year, we still expect to profit $5000-$6000 for the 2018 calendar year (50 x your stake amount).

Number of tips 48
Winning tips 31
Strike rate 65%
Total loss 127% of stake