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September 2018 Results

After finishing an amazing August we had a shocking start to September. Possibly a new record low week with 7 losses out of 11 tips. But the story doesn’t end there – no matter how bad things can look, we fought our way back to end the month in front.

In September, we brought you 27/39 winning tips for a strike rate of 69%. If you’re putting $100 on each and every tip, you made an average profit of $121 for the month. Not terrible, but certainly not up to our expectations. We had a freakishly bad first week so it’s no small thing to finish in front. In fact, if we look at just the last 3 weeks of the month, we see our performance was roughly what we expect: 23/28 = 82% strike rate and a profit of $667 (in just 3 weeks).

But this is not a get rich quick scheme, it’s a long term investment. If you look at any one day, week, or even month you don’t get a true reflection of investment performance. But when you look at our performance over any 3 month period, there’s a consistent average monthly profit of about 5 x your stake amount.

So, why so many losses all in one week? Lots of reasons. A lot of it just comes down to plain bad luck, but there are other factors: horses can be unwell, they can underperform on the day, jockeys sometimes ride horses differently from run their natural race they want to run, and even, on rare occasions, our analyst admits to getting it wrong – but these are by far the exception. This month, we saw some unbelievably unlucky scenarios playout.

But Spring is here now, and that means carnival season is not far away! I

Number of tips 39
Winning tips 27
Strike rate 69%
Average profit 121% of stake